Safe Europe Awards

Annual awards are presented during the symposium

SAFE Europe Student of the Year Award is presented to an Aeromedical Research Student from Kings College, London.

This award was established by Air Vice Marshal John "JE" Ernsting CB, OBE, FRCP, FRAeS a senior Royal Air Force commander, renowned medical researcher and past Chair of SAFE Europe. Sadly JE passed away in 2009.

Past recipients include, Christopher Gaffney, Rishi Mandavia, Matthew Greenfield, James Jack, Gihan Ganeshanantham, Rukshen Fernando, George Evetts, Richard Massey, Mari Murumets, Emma Pottinger, Alexandra Plehuna (2016).

SAFE Europe Best Paper Award is also presented.

Past recipients include Norma Staples (2015), Sqd Ldr P Hodgkinson, Flt Lt E Sluungard, Dr Denise Tracey, James Walker, Dr Adrian Jones, Michel DuCharme, Brendan Smith, Flt Lt Alf Evans, Matthew Lewis, Heidi Castle, Barry Thrower, Steve Roberts and Bengt Landervik.

2016 awardee was WO Alistair Ross for his paper "Advances in Fast Jet Aircrew Safety - Mk42/43 Modular Life Preserver : the Customer Perspective.

SAFE Europe Best Exhibitor Award was established in 2003, CAM-Lock won the WL Gore Trophy in 2016.

Previous recipients; Miliears (2016), Survival Equipment Services, AERIAL Machine and Tool Corp,  APEKS Marine, Life Support Intl, WL Gore (2003,2009,2010), Omni Medical, Signature Industries, Transaero Inc, BCB International, and STI Inc