Select your membership or registration by clicking the "Buy" button.

Once you have made your selection, press the "go to checkout" button. This will open a new window which will list the registration or membership you have selected and a form for you to fill in your details.

To delete an item from your basket tick the checkbox next to the item and press the "update order" button.

Fill in all the required details (highlighted by a *) and press the "next stage" button. You will now have the opportunity to review the details you have entered before moving to the next stage. If the details are incorrect select the "go back" button and you will be able to edit the details you have entered. If the details are correct and you wish to continue select the "make payment" button. If you would like to cancel the order, simply close the browser window.

If you have chosen to "make payment" and complete your order you will have moved through to our secure WorldPay facility which will process your payment details securely. Simply complete all of the required details in the form and select the "Make Payment" option. If you decide to cancel your order simply select the "Cancel Purchase" option at the bottom of the page.