About Safe (Europe)

Flight SuitThe SAFE Association is dedicated to the preservation of human life. It provides a common meeting ground for the sharing of problems, ideas and information. SAFE, is a non-profit professional association, with Chapters throughout the world. It boasts an international group of members.

SAFE's formal statement of purpose reads: "The primary objective of the SAFE Association is to stimulate research and development in the fields of safety and survival, and to disseminate pertinent information to concerned individuals in government and industry. In addition, the objective is to establish and maintain a meaningful relationship between the SAFE Association and the scientific communities related to safety and survival.

The SAFE (Europe) Chapter was formed in 1982 to extend the benefits of the SAFE Association to a wider audience. An annual Symposium and exhibition provides an excellent forum for the exchange of information between Industry, Government Procurement agencies and Research Establishments in the field of Survival and Flight Equipment for both Military and Civil applications. SAFE (Europe) has the fundamental aim of encouraging safety and survival through technical excellence by encouraging and stimulating dialogue between professional agencies, specialist equipment producers and the worldwide user community.

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