BCB International Ltd

BCB International Ltd, located in Cardiff in the , is a privately owned £7m turnover company which has been trading for some 30 years. It manufactures and supplies a wide variety of Survival Equipment for tri-service military and civilian land and marine markets worldwide. BCB trades in 37 countries.

The UK Ministry of Defence is a prime customer. The  range of products includes: Aircraft Survival Kits, First Aid Kits, Emergency Ration Packs Including Combat Energy Gels, Personal Hydration Systems, Personal Water Filters, Group Water Filtration Equipment, Personal Cooling Solutions, Ballistic Goggles & Glasses, Personal Armour, Personal Field Cooking Equipment, Top Quality CamelBak Range of Gloves, Wide range of Hot & Cold Weather Clothing, Non-DEET Anti-Mosquito Patches, Camouflage Cream, Small Foldable Solar Panel Chargers, Wide variety of LED Torches and Sleeping Bags.

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