Cooneen Group

The Cooneen Group headquarters including the technical team is based in Northern Ireland and is supported by both on-site manufacturing and off-site manufacturing in China, Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh. Cooneen Protection is also a leading supplier of body armour, hard armour insert plates and ballistic shields to both military and policing market sectors.

Cooneen Protection

Cooneen Protection are a leading supplier of body armour and armour capable life-preservers to Air Forces globally.

Cooneen Protection provided the Integrated Armour System used in conjunction with the RAF Mk60 and Mk61 Flight Jacket and have recently launched its rotary wing/transport version of our NOVA C50 ACALP which incorporates armoured systems, life  reserver and a modular pouch equipment system.

Cooneen Defence

Cooneen Defence is the main supplier of combat clothing systems to the UK Ministry of Defence having designed and supplied the new Future Aircrew Clothing System (FACS) to the Royal Air Force. This system consists of base layer, mid layer, thermal layer, Disruptive Pattern Under Body Armour Shirt (UBAC) and final outer waterproof layer. Global customers include; FMV Sweden, NDLO Norway, UK Ministry of Defence, Australian Defence Force, Singapore Gurkhas and the New Zealand Defence Force.

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