IrvinGQ, formerly Airborne Systems Europe, brings to you our specialist and proven products and services from our world-leading Aerial Delivery Solutions, Personnel Parachutes, Rescue, Safety & Survival Equipment and Naval Decoy systems.

We preserve the internationally established brand names of Irvin & GQ Parachutes and maintain the proud traditions of these predecessors in continuing to supply products of quality and reliability for 100 years.

2019 marks the centenary of our founder, Leslie Irvin’s first free-fall jump.  That’s 100 years of Irvin!

At IrvinGQ, our Aerial Delivery, Personnel Parachutes and Search and Rescue products are designed with the end user at the forefront of each design. Our personnel parachute assemblies are trusted by airborne troops across the world.  We specialise in the design and supply of specialist search and rescue (SAR) equipment for military, coastguard and civilian organisations and a range of equipment for the insertion and extraction of troops from military helicopters.

Our multi-disciplinary research and development teams have an unrivalled breadth of expertise in the design and development of parachutes, naval decoy systems and associated technologies

Our products remain at the forefront of the most demanding areas of Defence, including parachutes for:
  • Martin Baker range of ejection seats
  • Brake Parachutes for the Hawk, Jaguar and Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Pallets and Parachutes for Aerial Delivery
  • Naval Decoy Systems
  • Survival Equipment used in Search and Rescue

We regularly hear of and publicise incidents where lives have been saved by the products we produce. The IrvinGQ Caterpillar Club is still in existence today.

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