Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd

Martin-Baker is the world's longest established and most experienced manufacturer of ejection seats and related equipment to safeguard the aviator throughout the escape, survival, location and recovery phases.

It is the only company that can offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest in pilot operational capability and safety standards offering a complete ' end-to-end service ' from helping the customer to establish operational safety and escape requirements, design, development and qualification, to ongoing support throughout the entire service life of the aircraft.

With headquarters at its original site in Denham Buckinghamshire, locations in France, Italy, the United States and representatives all over the world, Martin-Baker has established an extensive range of unique and modern facilities and specialist engineering capabilities to support ejection seat work and ensuring that these products are of the highest quality and reliability, and will perform as designed - the first time.

Martin-Baker appreciates fully that this equipment may represent the crew member ' s last chance to survive and that there can be no compromise. Every facet of the safety system from initiation, escape path clearance, ejection sequencing, stabilization, life support, parachute descent to final rescue, must work perfectly to safeguard a precious life. The aircrew member must also reach the ground uninjured, especially in a hostile environment, if they are to have the best possible chance of survival.

It is because of this understanding, backed by 60 years of continuous ejection seat manufacturing, that only Martin-Baker can offer a fully integrated escape system that satisfies the very latest safety standards. Only Martin-Baker has saved over 7,400 aircrew lives in more than 93 Air Forces.

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