Survitec Group

With over 150 years in the marine, defence and aerospace industries, Survitec has acquired unrivalled expertise and knowledge which we use to provide advanced, intelligent products to those customers who demand the best. Every product in the Survitec portfolio is designed, and manufactured to the highest standard for performance and safety, founded by over 5 decades of airworthiness. As pioneers of many of the technologies employed today in modern fast jet operations we have continued to revolutionize pilot performance and safety through a number of advancements such as unmatched UV solar protection, maximum burst pressure, optimized cockpit integration and stringent laundering tolerance. Our unique modular approach enables garments to be integrated to provide multi mission capability from a common ensemble, and each garment has designed using the latest anthropometric data available. Our technologists are constantly exploring the very latest developments in materials, process technology and product design to meet and surpass the stringent demands of our customers. With a market-leading qualification program conducted in our in-house testing facilities we ensure every possible mission scenario is accounted for. This ensures our users have the knowledge and confidence that our equipment remains functional even in the most extreme environments. Our effective resource infrastructure has ensured a total understanding of the user requirements, consolidating every element of the product production into a single supply chain. We fulfil demand on a global basis with a multi-disciplined team, from initial concept to testing and qualification, manufacture, delivery and in-service support.

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