WL Gore Associates (UK) Ltd

W L Gore & Associates (UK) Limited is uniquely positioned as a partner in the Defence and Aerospace industry due to its diverse product offerings and unrivalled capabilities to meet customer's needs.  The company has grown from its entrepreneur roots in 1958 exploring opportunities for fluorocarbon polymers, especially polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), to a worldwide enterprise with over 9,500 associates in 72 locations worldwide.

Recognised worldwide for materials technology and primarily for products marketed under the GORE-TEX & GORE WINDSTOPPER® brands, today Gore has established itself as a leading manufacturer of thousands of advanced technology products for the electrical, industrial, fabrics, defence, aerospace and medical markets.

Military Clothing Systems - Built to withstand extreme conditions, Gore’s military products are designed to offer the ultimate in protection. Gore specializes in the development of high-performance protective apparel for the harsh and demanding environments routinely encountered by military forces throughout the world.

With Gore fabrics, soldiers benefit from the knowledge of a committed team of scientists, engineers, and product experts who understand the complex functional needs of the military user.

For more information on our full range of products visit www.gore.com

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