Our Roots

On November 4th 1982 the inaugural Annual General Meeting of SAFE UK was held at Martin Baker Ltd, Denham.

This established the first non-US Chapter of the SAFE Association. Recorded attendees were Mr Baker of Normalair Garret Ltd, Mr J Cook from Burndept Ltd, Grp Capt John Ernsting from RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine, Mr P McKrill & Mr G Worroll from British Aerospace Ltd (Warton), Mr P MacDonnell from Negretis Zambra (Aviation) and Mr Ken Yates from Martin Baker Ltd.

Elections took place; Mr Brian Millar from Martin Baker Ltd was elected as Chairperson was, Mr James Blott from Helmets Ltd elected as Treasurer and elected as Secretary, Mr Maurice Malloy from ML Aviation.

10th April 1991 adopted the chapter name: SAFE Europe

Past Presidents : Claes Warbrandt, Michel Bardell, Air Vice Marshall J Ernsting , Grp Capt Peter Gill

Past Chair : Robert Hull, Chris Pugh-Bevan, Greg Allanach, David Griffiths, Paul Adams              

Honorary Members : Prof J Ernsting, Martin Baker Aircraft Company Ltd, Mr John & Mr James Martin Mr B Millar, The Welsh Assembly Govt