26th SAFE EUROPE SYMPOSIUM AT The Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm, Sweden

DATE: Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th April 2019

VENUE: The Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm, Sweden

The 26th Annual SAFE Europe Symposium & Exhibition was held at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm, Sweden between 8th and 10th April 2019. The venue is located in a historical mill on the waterfront, only a few minutes from the city centre, an ideal venue for another productive and successful event. 




Title Presenter Download
G-Training in Sweden, Past, Present And Future Dr Ioannis Magounaki Not available
ACES 5 – The Next Generation In Aircrew Ejection Safety Mr John Hampton Download
Mythbusters – The Soft Ride Mr Steve Roberts and Mr Mark Elson Download
5th Gen Human Performance Stressors: how to research, train & mitigate them Mr Paul Vierveijzer Download
Effect of +Gx Acceleration and Hypoxia on Overall and Regional Lung Ventilation Mr Mitchel Segal Not available
Oxygen Systems for Hypoxia, Smoke / Fumes and Fire Protection Mr Chris Miller Download
Social and Environmental Responsibility in Technical Garments Mr Robin Foulkes Not available
Qualification of the Through Suit Connector for the F-35 Lightning Mr Mark Harvie Not available
Evidence for Flotation Requirements used to Qualify Aircrew Life Preservers Dr Andrew Weller Download
Current UK Aircrew Survival Aids – Fit For Purpose for the 21st Century? Lt Cdr Nicholas Parkinson Download
To React or Respond - The Power of the Debrief Mr Tim Davies Download
Ejection Seat: Product Design Safety Improvements Through Computational Modelling of Ejection Scenarios Dr Camille Bilger PhD and Dr Kathryn Hughes MD Download
Mythbusters – The Integrated Harness Mr Steve Roberts Download
Compatibility between Night Vision Goggles and Light Emitting Diodes in Ground Obstruction Lighting Mr David Bigmore Download
Kerosene Fire Resistance on Pilot Flight Equipment in the French Air Force Mr Sylvain Masseboeuf Not available
Increasing Real World Safety with Virtual Repetition Mr Tom Higgins Download
CBRN Protection for Aircrews and Aircraft - Current Development Mr Philipp Oestertag Download
Advances in Ballistic protection in an Aircrew Environment Mr Nigel Fitton Download